The Linesman My Son, My Hero

This book is about raising a legacy. It is my hope that with this book, I am able to introduce readers to my son, Marquise Hill, a born athlete and an incredible human being, who tragically passed away in May 2007. I would like everybody to feel as if they had known him in his lifetime, in a way as familiar and beloved as a well-worn, comfortable house shoe. I give my thanks to the wonderful people and organizations who have, in different ways, inspired my son and helped him fulfill his purpose and dreams and honored him after his passing.


THE LINESMAN, MY SON MY HERO: is a minified version of “The Marquise Hill Story: From the Cradle to the Bowl” The book provides a candid account of a little boy growing up in Louisiana, who from young age was thrust into a cutthroat environment. This earnest account is narrated from the perspective of a grieving mother who walked the journey with her son, giving all of herself as a constant source of guidance and support.




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